Fringe Meadery

Fringe Meadery

Location: Portland, OR

Year Established: 2014

Styles: Dry varietal meads, champagne style melomels, metheglin sessions.

Story: Nathan Mattis is Fringe Meadery’s founder and meadmaker. Holding a Masters in Vinology from UC Davis, Nathan comes from many years of experience making wine, transferring his fermentation skills to mead to create complex varietal meads with a dry finish, alongside well-crafted non-traditional session varieties.

Meads from Fringe you might find at Mead Market: Orange Blossom, Meadow Blossom, Sparkling Raspberry



Stung mead
Stung Fermented

Location: Portland, OR

Year Established: 2015

Styles: Bone-dry session style meads.

Story: Brooks Cooper wanted to bring a new take on mead to the people of Portland and beyond. His dry sparkling meads are unlike any other mead you’ll try, with great appeal to cider- and beer-drinkers, STUNG’s varieties are perfectly refreshing when you’re looking to drink a pint of mead.

Meads from STUNG you might find at Mead Market: Worker Standard, Mosaic, Trinity



Ethereal mead

Ethereal Meads

Location: Battle Ground, WA

Styles: Semi-sweet PNW melomels.

Story: Ethereal’s meads come from a deep love of what the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Drawing on inspiration from the land, Gary Gross, Ethereal’s founder and meadmaker, uses local honey and fruits to make meads that remind him of what it’s like to stroll in the woods of this beautiful part of the world.

Meads from Ethereal you might find at Mead Market: Ruby Sunset, Autumn Mist, Happy Troll, Foxy, Happy Bear


Heidrun Mead


Location: Point Reyes Station, CA

Year Established: 1997

Styles: Single varietal Champagne style, using traditional French Méthode Champenoise

Story: Heidrun's naturally sparkling meads are a perfect for the times you toast to life. By using honeys from single nectar sources, the notes of the flowers, seasons and the land shine through to the end product: dry, delicate meads that reflect their source. In 2011, Heidrun relocated to a beautiful farm in Point Reyes Station to develop their botanical and apricultural programs.

Meads from Heidrun you might find at Mead Market: Madras Carrot, Macadamia Nut, Oregon Radish Blossom, Orange Blossom, Avocado Blossom, Point Reyes Estate Wildflower


Nectar Creek

Nectar Creek

Location: Corvalis, Oregon

Styles: Semi-sweet session styles and barrel-aged reserves including seasonal offerings

Story: Nectar Creek has been a leader in session style meads. Made with Oregon honey, along with ingredients that speak well to each season, these refreshing meads are perfect for a warm day’s picnic or a backyard barbeque. 

Meads from Nectar Creek you might find at Mead Market: Waggle, Sting, Festoon, Honeycomb, Chicory, Sour Raspberry



Sky River Mead

Sky River

Location: Redmond, WA

Year Established: 1997

Styles: Dry to sweet show meads, melomels, not often seen traditional styles including brochet and rhodomel

Story:  From ancient cultures on distant shores, shrouded in mist, Sky River brings the age-old art of making mead into the twenty-first century to create a new tradition. Making clean, traditional meads, Sky River focuses on the honey when making their meads. This leads to a beverage with a true honey flavor.

Meads from Sky River you might find at Mead Market: Dry, Semi-Sweet, Sweet, Blackberry, Raspberry, Honey Ginger, Rose, Solas, Sweet Brochet



Hierophant mead


Location: Mead, WA

Styles: Herbalism-inspired off-dry metheglin 

Story: Hierophant is family-owned by two herbalists. Both hold Bachelor’s degrees in Herbal Science. They focus on traditional fermentation methods, accented with herbal nodes. Hierophant uses local, raw honey from beekeepers using sustainable beekeeping practices. The company also has a strong passion for animals, donating profits and holding events for pet charities.

Meads from Hierophant you might find at Mead Market: Chrysopoeia, Gilead Poplar, Hawthorn Tulsi, Rose Cardamom, Hopped, Lemon Balm



Chaucer Mead


Location: Monterey, CA

Year Established: 1964

Styles: Melomel, Mulled

Story: Chaucer’s began with the use of local plums being used for wine in Santa Cruz, California.. After great success, Chaucer’s began to expand into a variety of different wines. They now make a 100% honey mead, and mix their wine with the mead to give it a unique taste.

Meads from Chaucer’s you might find at Mead Market: Mulling Mead, Raspberry



San Francisco Meadery

San Francisco Mead, Co.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Styles: Barrel Aged Show Meads, Cysers, sophisticated off-dry single varietals

Story: SF Mead Co. built their national brand focusing on using the rawest local ingredients they can find. This allows the company to take pride that their honey is the of the highest quality with premium flavor. They take the years old traditional fermentation process and use new flavors to surprise their audience. Several of their meads are aged in various ways to give them a unique, but completely different flavor, showcasing the effects of different aging abilities.

Meads from San Francisco Mead Co. you might find at Mead Market: Apple Pie, Apple Pie Bourbon Barrel Aged, Gravenstein, Orange Blossom, Orange Blossom Barrel Aged



Eaglemount mead


Location: Port Townsend, WA

Year Established: 2006

Styles: Washington inspired cysers and melomels

Story: Primarily a winery and cider producer, Eaglemount brought in bees to pollinate their vineyard and orchards. This resulted in a large amount of honey, giving them the idea to start making meads. Many of their meads are mixed with their hard ciders, giving them a tart, yet smooth taste. These crisp drinks are perfect for a Spring day.

Meads from Eaglemount you might find at Mead Market: Apple, Cherry, Cranberry, Cyser, Quince



viking braggot 

Viking Braggot Company

Location: Eugene, OR

Year Established: 2012

Styles: Braggots created in classic American beer styles

Story: Two business majors decided to build on their passion for craft beer. Taking their home-brewing a step forward, they created Viking Braggot Company, using all local honey, organically grown grains, and ancient herbs. These braggots provide a strong craft-beer flavor with the smoothness of honey mixed in.

Meads from Viking Braggot Co. you might find at Mead Market: Battle Ave, Reverence, Freyja, Fenrir, Winter Squash Porter



bee Divine mead 

Bee D’Vine

Location: San Francisco, CA

Year Established: 2009

Styles: Crisp and semi-sweet with similar balance and complexity of wine

Story: Inspired by African mead production, Bee D’Vine was made to appeal to traditional mead drinkers, as well as beer and wine drinkers. Using local honey and spring water, this mead focuses on simplicity of ingredients and complexity of flavors. After working with biochemists, chemists, and winemakers, Bee D’Vine was created as a great alternative for usual wine drinkers.

Meads from Bee D’Vine you might find at Mead Market: Demi Sec, Brut


charm city meadworks

Charm City Meadworks

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Year Established: 2014

Styles: Dry oak-aged metheglins, and bright session-styles conveniently packaged in cans!

Story: Charm City Meadworks started with a love of bees, translated into a passion for homebrewing, and soon enough that passion blossomed into an annual Viking party, and shortly thereafter, a meadery.

Meads from Charm City you might find at Mead Market: Original Dry, Rosemary, Cinnamon (Winter Seasonal), Sweet Blossom, Wildflower can, Elderberry can, Basil Lemongrass can



Location: Boulder, Colorado

Year Established: 2001

Styles: Sweet “Mountain Honey Wines”, along with light and clear session-style melomels

Story: Redstone Meadery embraces the “natural approach” to mead making. Founder David Myers, known as “Chairman of the Mead,” has pioneered the mead revival in the United States while adhering to classic mead recipes and techniques, including the use of swing top bottles (to prevent oxidation) and not adding sulfites.

Meads from Redstone you might find at Mead Market: Black Currant Mountain Honey Wine, Juniper Mountain Honey Wine, Nectar of the Hops, Passionfruit Nectar, Sunshine Nectar, Boysenberry Nectar 

 ram island mead

Ram Island (Maine Mead Works)

Location: Portland, Maine

Year Established: 2007

Styles: Creative summer picnic and porch classics as session-style meads

Story: Session-style mead production followed production of the still meads, and were developed from family recipes for other beverages.

Meads from Ram Island you might find at Mead Market: Lavender Lemonade, Iced Tea


wild blossom mead

Wild Blossom

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Styles: Less frequently seen traditional styles, generally finish sweet

Story: With more than 30 years experience, Wild Blossom Meadery & Winery is the first winery in Chicago, proudly raising their own bees, harvesting their own honey, and purifying water from Lake Michigan.

Meads from Wild Blossom you might find at Mead Market: Pirate’s Blood, Sweet Desire, Hop Stinger, Cran Nectar


Honey Maker Mead

Honey Maker (Maine Mead Works)

Location: Portland, Maine

Year Established: 2007

Styles: Dry, semi-sweet seasonal meads

Story: Blending “ancient tradition and modern science,” Maine Mead Works produces highly distinctive meads using wildflower honey, their own proprietary yeast, and a state-of-the-art continuous fermentation system.

Meads from Honeymaker you might find at Mead Market: Apple Cyser, Lavender, Dry Hopped, Dry Reserve, Blueberry Dry Reserve, Semi-Sweet


Black Snake Mead

Black Snake

Location: Dugspur, Virginia

Styles: Locally sourced honey show meads, dry summery session meads

Story: Nestled in the southern Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, the family owned and operated Black Snake Meadery is a testament to the symbiotic relationship man has with nature, from honeybees to, you guessed it, black snakes.

Meads from Black Snake you might find at Mead Market: Meloluna, Sweet Virginia, Ginny Raz, Hoppy Bee Brew, Lime Bee Brew


Moonlight Meadery

Moonlight Meadery

Location: Londonderry, New Hampshire

Year Established: 1995, 2010

Styles: Cysers and melomels inspired by the romance of mead

Story: “History never tasted so good.” Founder Michael Fairbrother wanted to brew ultra premium meads his wife and her friends would enjoy, and in 2010 production began using high quality ingredients and True Source Certified honey.

Meads from Moonlight Meadery you might find at Mead Market: Red Dress, Sensual, Desire, Fling, Wild, Kurt’s Apple Pie, Last Apple


ENAT winery

ENAT Winery

Location: Oakland, CA

Year Established: 1999

Styles: Traditional Ethiopian tej

Story: Enat is the name of the mother/mother-in-law who brought tej recipes and methods with her from Ethiopia to Oakland. She brewed from her kitchen for years for family and events, and her daughter later took the craft to a production level. Now Debritu Gebeyehu and Herb Houston run one of the largest tej production facilities in the nation.

Meads from Enat you might find at Mead Market: Traditional, Orange Blossom


Mace Mead

Mace (Blue Mountain Station)

Location: Dayton, WA

Year Established: 2014 [Closed]

Styles: Dry

Story: Mace Mead Works was a mead bar owned by Reggie and Minnie Mace, specializing in the cold fermentation technique. Using local honey and flowers, the mead was made on site in the view of the patrons. While Mace Mead Works may no longer be a destination location, the production of their delicious mead has been taken over by Blue Mountain Station, a collective of sustainable food artisans.

Meads from Mace you might find at Mead Market: A limited supply of Dry 375 ML.


Danks Mjod

Dansk Mjod

Location: Billund, Denmark

Year Established: 1994

Styles: 300 year old Danish recipes still being brewed to sweet perfection with hops and other traditional ingredients added for complexity

Story: Just outside the Jutland heaths, the Dansk Mjod brewery has been making mead with uncompromising focus on quality and ingredients, drawing on recipes from the 1700s to deliver a delicious recipes with a modern eye for quality and taste.

Meads from Dansk you might find at Mead Market: Viking Blod, Vikingernes, Klapostjer, GI Dansk Mjod, Ribe Mjod


Die Hochland Imker

Location: Altenhof, Austria

Year Established: 2004

Styles: Dry, complex varietal meads

Story: Die Hochland Imker means “The Highland Beekeepers,” a family run group of organic beekeepers and producers of small batches of award-winning meads using varietal honeys, spring water, and pure French and Austrian yeast.  

Meads from Die Hochland you might find at Mead Market: Sparkling, Extra Dry, Chestnut Blossom, Lime Leaf, Honeydew, Pear Cyser


Mjodhamnen (Shelton Brothers)

Location: Sweden

Year Established: 2011

Styles: Elegant semi-sweet meads, featuring honey and fruits of Sweden

Story: Founder Johan Pihl drives a bus around Stockholm going from apiary to apiary to get the best ingredients and honey. He makes the small batch meads at each apiary site, transporting the honey in buckets by hand out to his mobile meadery. Generally quite dry, Mjodhamnen’s meads vary from spicy to extremely floral to herbal.

Meads from Mjodhamnen you might find at Mead Market: Lingonlunda, Le Vin de Miel, Fruktad Flyt


Spółdzielnia Pszczelarska Apis 

Location: Lublin, Poland

Year Established: 1932

Styles: Tradition Polish meads

Story: APIS Apiculture Cooperative has been making mead, and selling bees, since 1932, collecting numerous awards and recognitions along the way. Combining old Polish recipes with modern brewing equipment, Apis prides itself on having “mastered the production” of mead, earning the exclusive title of “Traditional Polish Mead.”

Meads from Apis you might find at Mead Market: Bernadynski, Jadwiga