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#MeadOfTheMoment. What delicious mead did you just discover? Aromatic nose with sweet pear on the palette and a dry finish? Earthy undertones with low viscosity and floral aftertaste?

Mead is brewed with different ratios of honey, water, and yeast to make different outcomes in flavor, ABV, and dryness. Add to that the fact that there are endless types of yeast, honey, and water (yes, water) that can also alter a mead’s flavor. Add to that the fact that mead can be brewed with fruit, spices, grains, flowers, and even ingredients like chili peppers. What we’re getting at is that the potential for variety in the mead world is vast, dazzling, and, most of all, exciting. We feel equipped to provide you with many “mead moments” as you discover this age-old, yet always new and fresh beverage.

As Portland’s premiere mead bottle shop, Mead Market currently offers over 80 different bottled meads, four rotating taps, and complimentary mead tasting seven days a week. With so many varietals and meaderies to choose from, we want to know what you are tasting and enjoying at this very time, this very season, and this very moment!

Enter #MeadOfTheMoment, a new and exciting way to share what you’re drinking with your friends and fellow mead-lovers.

Participating is easy: Next time you stop into Mead Market, take a selfie (or ask any one of us to take a photo!) of you tasting or buying mead. Post it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #MeadOfTheMoment to let all your friends know what you’re drinking.

Now comes the best part: Show any Mead Market team member that you participated in #MeadOfTheMoment and get a free Mead Market sticker and 10% off your next in-store purchase under $50 (excludes alcohol). Easy!

We will also be sharing new arrivals, as well as our current personal favorites, via #MeadOfTheMoment, so be sure to follow the hashtag and @meadmarket on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Be sure to stop in today to snap a selfie, and enjoy some mead tasting while you’re here. “Mead” you there!

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