The Mead Journal: Tastings This Weekend

Fall is officially here, and we are welcoming it with open, sweater-clad arms! We have an exciting weekend of mead tasting ahead of us, full of the season’s star ingredients: apple, pumpkin, spices and of course, fresh honey. Join us!

Mead: Redstone Meadery (Boulder, CO)

Varietal: Pumpkin Nectar (8.0% ABV)

Notes: Take your first sip of fall with this pumpkin mead, made with a combination of clover and wildflower honey and infused with pumpkin puree. This refreshing mead has a light body with earthy notes of melon, honey, and, of course, pumpkin! To top it all off: This varietal is available on tap as well as in 750mL bottles.

Pairs well with: Mexican mole, corn succotash, and butternut squash.

Mead: Hierophant (Mead, WA)

Varietal: Gilead Balsam Poplar (8.0% ABV)

Notes: The aroma is earthy and floral with notes of pine and vanilla. The body is full with notes of honey and fresh wax. An all-around great mead!

Pairs well with: Carnitas or any pork shoulder dish.

This week, the third option is your choice! Choose from these three off our taps to complete your mead tasting experience:

Mead: Viking Braggot Company (Eugene, OR)

Varietal: Beowulf (5.8% ABV)

Notes: This brown ale combines the best of beer and mead into one harmonious glass. It is dry hopped, made with organic amber honey, and has notes of toffee and malt.

Pairs well with: Chili, African peanut soup, or a bratwurst.

Mead: Oregon Mead and Cider Company (Portland, OR)

Varietal: Worker Farmhouse (6.25% ABV)

Notes: Subtly tangy and earthy while still being a refreshingly dry mead that the Oregon Mead and Cider Company is known for. This mead is made with wildflower honey and a Belgian yeast strain that provides citrus on the nose and a funky barnyard finish.

Pairs well with: Any pub food, especially burgers and fries and fish and chips!

Mead: Redstone Meadery (Boulder, CO)

Varietal: Apple (8.0% ABV)

Notes: Enjoy lots of warm fall spices on the nose, like nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove, along with undertones of baked apples. The palate is surprisingly bright and refreshing with a classic apple tartness.

Pairs well with: This versatile mead would go great with grilled meats and veggies. Alternatively, pair it with popcorn, a warm blanket, and a movie night!


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