The Mead Journal - Tastings This Weekend

The Mead Journal - Tastings This Weekend
Meadery: Bison Brewing (Berkeley, California)
Varietal: Honey Basil Ale (6%)
Notes: A subtly floral, virtually hop-less honey beer that utilizes caramel malt, whole basil leaves, and sweet clover honey. The body is light and refreshing with a slight basil aftertaste.
Pairs well with: Italian and Thai: pizza, grilled chicken, pesto, and pad thai.


Meadery: Hierophant (Mead, Washington)
Varietal: Hawthorn Tulsi (12%)
Notes: This delicate and light Hierophant varietal has everything we love about sweet clover honey mead with the added complexity of black Hawthorn berries and Tulsi leaves. It features a particularly salient nose with notes of sweet, grassy clover honey and grapefruit that ease into a mild finish.
Pairs well with: Salad, popcorn, and light seafood dishes like poached white fish.


Meadery: Black Snake (Dugspur, Virginia)
Varietal: Sweet Virginia (11-14%)
Notes: Made with wildflower honey, this semi-sweet, lightly carbonated mead has an aroma of dried granny smith apples and a palate reminiscent of spiced sherry with musty hay undertones.
Pairs well with: Thai, Indian, and Vietnamese dishes; classic American meats; creamy mild cheeses.
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