The Mead Journal - Labor Day Weekend Tastings

The Mead Journal - Labor Day Weekend Tastings

Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone! We hope you are striking the perfect balance between relaxation and adventure this weekend—with your favorite mead in hand, of course. Whether you’re leaving town to camp or staying close for a cook-out, we have an excellent varietal of mead to keep you warm and exuberant around the bonfire. Stop in for a tasting and get your growlers filled before the festivities begin!

Mead: Nectar Creek Mead (Corvallis, OR)

Varietal: Honeycone (6.9% ABV)

Notes: The time has come to harvest hops here in the Pacific Northwest, and what better way to celebrate than with a hopped mead? This dry hopped mead is full of hoppy aroma and crispness. This mead was made with whole cluster hops that were not boiled, which adds a lingering effervescence and greenness to the tasting profile.

Pairs well with: Hot dogs and salty snacks at your favorite camping spot.

Mead: Ethereal Meads (Battle Ground, WA)

Varietal: Mist (13.0% ABV)

Notes: This mead, featuring smoky, yet sweet, honey and spices is basically apple pie in a glass! The nose and palate are full of warm spice, and the finish is light and lingering. Perfect for a brisk evening around a campfire.

Pairs well with: Classic apple pie, salty cheeses, or s’mores around a campfire.

Mead: Fringe Meadery (Portland, OR)

Varietal: Blackberry Basil (8.5% ABV)

Notes: With an earthy aroma of basil and a light body, this dry mead is perfect for an outdoor adventure on a hot day. It features fresh basil, blackberries picked at peak ripeness, and a single varietal blackberry honey. For the first time, this is available in bottles and on tap for growler fills!

Pairs well with: Your garden’s freshest heirloom tomatoes and grilled ribs.


Available on tap for growler fills:

Pineapple IPA (Viking Braggot Company, 6.7% ABV)

Blackberry Basil (Fringe Meadery, 8.5% ABV)

Chicory (Nectar Creek Meads, 6.0% ABV)

Happy Gnome (Ethereal Meads, 6.0% ABV)







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