The Mead Journal: Charm City Takeover

The Mead Journal: Charm City Takeover

The weekend is here, Portland is showing some promising signs of Spring, and we’re celebrating with a tasting takeover by Charm City Meadworks! With inventive, yet familiar flavors (hello, rosemary mead!), Charm City is a meadery with an energy that is inspiring and infectious. That’s why we hope you’ll join us this weekend as we sip on their meads and fill our shop with their energy and inspiration!

Charm City is a meadery based in Baltimore, Maryland. Co-owners James Boicourt and Andrew Geffken began Charm City with the goal of bringing mead out of its viking shadows to remind people that mead is still relevant and delicious! We couldn’t agree more, and think Charm City does an amazing job crafting crisp and refreshing meads using a variety of fresh ingredients.

Bonus! Our friends at Charm City Meadworks were kind enough to send us some of their stellar swag, which we will be proudly showing off as we introduce Portland’s mead lovers to the refreshing taste of four Charm City creations.


Mead: Charm City Meadworks (Baltimore, MD)

Varietal: Original Dry (12% ABV)

Notes: Nothing but honey, water, and yeast in this original mead! This crisp and dry mead pours a beautiful golden color with notes of honey, oak, and vanilla. Best served lightly chilled.

Pairs well with: Grilled chicken and veggies or with a fruity dessert cobbler or pie

Mead: Charm City Meadworks (Baltimore, MD)

Varietal: Cinnamon (12% ABV)

Notes: Charm City’s winter seasonal boasts plenty of cinnamon and warming spices while still being light and refreshing. Notes of honeyed apples in the body before easing into a dry finish.

Pairs well with: This mead stands alone beautifully—sip it while relaxing by the fire!

Mead: Charm City Meadworks (Baltimore, MD)

Varietal: Rosemary (12% ABV)

Notes: An herbaceous nose followed by a refreshing palate with light rosemary notes, soothing into a clean finish.

Pairs well with: Italian dishes, rosemary chicken and veggies, or your next barbeque

Mead: Charm City Meadworks (Baltimore, MD)

Varietal: Sweet Blossom (12% ABV)

Notes: Made with a single varietal orange blossom honey, this semi-sweet mead enjoys citrus and floral notes on the palate, leaving you refreshed.

Pairs well with: Glazed carrots and creamy cheeses

Remember your growlers, too! Here’s what we currently have on tap:

Black Raspberry Nectar (Redstone Meadery, 8.0% ABV)

Laissez-Pear (Fringe Mead, 8.5% ABV)

Triple Brett (Nectar Creek, 6.5% ABV)

Free Press Cyser (Oregon Mead and Cider Co, 6.5% ABV)
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